How to choose the right Lora/LoranWan gateway?

Choosing a Lora/LoranWan gateway can be a complicated task, especially if you are new to it. There are many factors to consider. For example, different tools will have different features and functionalities. Also, if your router supports Virtual Private Networks (VPN), it may not support Lora/LoranWan gateway setup.

Recent market growth for the LoRaWAN protocol has been fast-tracked by the diversity of benefits that the LoRaWAN technology has to offer. Given the increasing use of LoRaWAN gateway, it is crucial to awareness how LoRaWAN gateways operate, as well as their wide varieties, functions, and price points.

What are Lora and LoRaWAN? 


LoRa is a radio modulation method that primarily involves manipulating radio waves to encrypt data using a multi-symbol, chirped (chirp spread spectrum technology) format. The term LoRa can also describe the platforms that enable this modulation method or the communication technology that IoT applications employ.

Advantages of LoRa

· Long transmission distance

· High sensitivity

· Strong anti-interference ability


LoRaWAN, a point-to-multipoint networking protocol, uses the LoRa modulation protocol developed by Semtech. Radio waves interact with LoRaWAN gateways to perform tasks like encryption, and identification is more important than just the radio waves themselves. A cloud component is also a part of it, and many gateways can link to it. However, due to its restrictions, LoRaWAN is not typically used by businesses for industrial (private network) applications.

Advantages of LoRaWAN

· Its coverage area is extensive, ranging from 5 km in urban regions to 15 km in suburban areas.

· Because it uses less energy, the battery will last longer.

· The battery lifetime is up to 10 years, and other protocols’ battery lifespan is about three years.

What is a LoRaWAN Gateway?

The connection between individuals and the data source, environmental sensors, is made through LoRaWAN gateways. They support the Internet of Things’ ability to scale. They are a crucial link in the chain that provides better visibility, cost and resource input reduction, increased safety, and improved decision-making.

How does a LoraWAN gateway work?

A LoRaWAN gateway can serve various devices at a time, although gateways are often deployed in overlapping groups. Devices will send out their signals as RF packets to be picked up by any gateway in range, with the strongest device to gateway connection passing the message on to the cloud. Having multiple gateways adds resilience to a network should one of them fail.

LoRaWAN and other radio protocols are straightforward at their most basic level. Star networks’ communication style is similar to that of a lecturer and audience. The class ends at the gateway when the lecturer talks, and vice versa. In terms of communication, this connection is asymmetrical. The professor wouldn’t be able to hear or understand everyone in the class at once, even if they were all trying to talk to him at once. Although it has been greatly simplified, numerous aspects of star topologies can be compared to this example.

LoRa gateways should be visible as straightforward extensions that forward the radio information parcels to IP bundles as well as the other way around. Subsequently, standard IP associations interface passages to the LoRaWAN network server (LNS). Regularly, the LoRa passage speaks with the LNS by means of Wi-Fi, designed Ethernet, or cell association.

Gadgets will convey their signs as RF bundles to be gotten by any door in range, with the most grounded gadget to gateway association giving the message to the cloud. Having different passages adds versatility to an organization. Would it be a good idea for one of them to come up short?

Indoor LoRaWAN gateway vs outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway

Depending on the project, LoRaWAN Gateways can be installed indoors or outside. A few factors could influence how well gateways function. Variable weather is one of the main criteria.

Compared to outdoor gateways, indoor LoRaWAN gateways have a less durable casing that is not waterproof. Additionally, because they frequently have case vents, they are not recommended for outdoor deployments because rainfall can enter through them and cause erosion.

It’s crucial to select a LoRaWAN outdoor gateway if a gateway is installed outdoors. Outdoor Gateways can be weatherproof, humidity-resistant, and temperature-resistant if they have the proper IP certifications (IP67 certified). In addition, a gateway with an IP67 certificate is totally resistant to dust and may even.

How to choose the right Lora gateway?

LoRa gateways are used in a variety of industries, including smart homes, smart cities, smart buildings, and industrial IoT. How can businesses choose the gateways that are appropriate for their needs? 

Some factors that businesses should take into account include the settings required, the coverage area, and data transmission.

In order to communicate data from LoRa sensors to a network server or cloud on the internet, LoRa gateways act as a bridge. They turn into the hub for communication for several devices operating at once. LoRaWAN technology is applicable to a number of industries, including smart homes, smart cities, smart buildings, and industrial IoT.

What is the typical Range of LoRaWAN? 

Most up to 5 kilometers in urban areas and fifteen kilometers in rural regions can be covered by long-range communications using LoRaWAN. The ultra-low power needs of the LoRaWan solution are an essential feature since they allow for the development of battery-operated devices with ten-year battery life. The LoRaWAN protocol is ideal for use in applications that call for long-range communication between a large number of low-power devices and modest data collection applications.

The top LoRaWAN indoor gateways

1. Mikrotik wAP LR8

2. Multitech Conduit AP

3. Tektelic Kona Micro

4. Laird Sentrius RG1

5. The Things Indoor Gateway

The top LoRaWAN outdoor gateways

1. DLOS8

2. Wisgate Edge Max 

3. GL600EU outdoor LoRa gateway

4. Browan Micro 8CH Out

5. Kerlink Wirnet IBTS compact outdoor gateway

6. Dusun Pi3 Model C

Dusun Pi3 Model C

A comprehensive 8-channel outdoor gateway based on the LoRaWAN protocol, the Dusun Pi3 Model C has built-in Ethernet connectivity for simple setup. 

A Wi-Fi configuration that supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz is also built into the device, making it simple to configure using the Wi-Fi AP mode by default. 

In addition, it reaches an extremely high level of dependability because of its industrial-grade components.

How secure is LoRaWAN?

Securing each component of the IoT stack is necessary to maintain the security and safety of an IoT deployment. It also involves adhering to industry norms and best practices.

LoRaWAN is highly secure by design. It is required to use authentication and encryption. However, if security keys are not distributed randomly across devices, handled carelessly, or if cryptographic numbers are reused, networks and devices tend to lose their level of security. To ensure things function as intended, it is crucial to look for LoRaWAN-certified devices.

Security has been a crucial consideration in the LoRaWAN specification’s architecture from the beginning. It provides cutting-edge security features that satisfy the needs of highly scalable, low-power IoT networks. Other Internet of Things (IoT) technologies do not offer dedication.

 Wrap Up

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