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How to Block A Call or Message on Zong?

Call and SMS Block service is being offered by Zong. So Zong users can easily block unwanted messages and calls from any number. This service by Zong allows the users to block 50 numbers. They will be given an option to manage their block list as per their liking.

USP of Zong Block Service

You can block international numbers as well through this service. Yes without any extra charges Zong users can even block international number. So it caters the needs of each and every Zong user.

The most notable features of this service are call block, SMS block, and management of the block list.

The channel is IVR & SMS.

How to Subscribe to Zong block call or message service?

Users need to dial 420

Then send ‘sub’ to 420

Through this, the service will be subscribed

How to Unsubscribe to Zong block call or message service?

Users again need to dial 420

Then Send ‘unsub’ to 420

This is the way to unsubscribe to the service.

Charges of Zong Number Block Service?

Per month the charges are Rs. 15+tax

Rs. 1+tax/call

SMS Charges are On-net SMS according to the respective package plan

Many of us have long lists of wrong and un-wanted numbers whom we want to block. So Zong provides you an easy opportunity to block 50 of your most irritable wrong and unwanted contacts so that they are never able to disturb you again. So immediately subscribe to this service and block the contacts you wish to never see again.

It is pertinent to mention here that Zong might not be the leading cellular company in Pakistan, but when it comes to 3G/4G technology, Zong is definitely the best internet provider in the country. The company thinks ahead, about the future and how it can provide effective solutions through the better use of technology.

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