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How to become President of Pakistan? – Requirements & Procedure

According to the article 41 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the President of Pakistan is the Head of the State who ‘represent the unity of the Republic’. But the question is How to Become the President of Pakistan. 

Requirments to Become the President of Pakistan

The President Must be a Muslim

Age of the President should be at least 45 years

Qualified to be elected as the National Assembly Member but you don’t need to be a member of Senate or National Assembly

Need to be nominated by the political party as the presidential candidate after which through a vote by members of Senate, National Assembly, and Provincial Assemblies the President is selected

Ways to Become President of Pakistan

Pak Army

Join Pakistan Army, set a target for yourself and then achieve it. Many Pakistan ex-Presidents were from army including Gen Ayyub, Gen Yahya, Gen Zia ul Haq, and Gen Pervez Musharraf.


Join a party that it is in power or make a political party if you have the resources and power. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif are a perfect example of those who gained popularity through their political party and became leaders.


The death of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became the major reason for Benazir Bhutto to get into power. Similarly, the death of Benazir was the major reason for Asif Ali Zardari to get into power. Thus, emotions & reminders of sacrifices made in politics do play a role in getting one in power.

How is the President of Pakistan Elected?

President of Pakistan is elected by Pakistan’s Parliament via electoral college. He is elected for a five-year term.

Residence of President of Pakistan?

Pakistan’s President resides in Islamabad in an estate called Aiwan-e-Sadar or the Presidency Palace.

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How can a President be Removed?

A President can be removed before he/she completes term if he/she violates the Constitution of Pakistan in any way.