How to become a billionaire in Pakistan?

Chose the right field

Not all fields in Pakistan will make you rich. Some people are passionate about their work while others are more interested in becoming rich. If you belong to the latter category the ideal fields in Pakistan are Politics, Media, Real Estate, Army, Government Officer etc.

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Become an entrepreneur

If you are not interested in fields like politics and media or real estate then become an entrepreneur. Pakistan is finally encouraging entrepreneurs in the country and if your idea is innovative it will get registered. The advantage of an entrepreneur is that you will make money along with having your own identity in the market.

Most of the leading billionaires in the world were entrepreneurs. Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, has become a billionaire on basis of just a brilliant idea. The idea to provide a platform for communication for all the people living in the world, thus creating Facebook.


For investment first, you need to save money. Then you need to invest the money in different fields like food, fashion, tech, business industry. After that just enjoy the profit gained by the investments made. One needs to be careful in its investment, it is important that you invest in the right places if you want to gain money. It is the most used method by those striving to become billionaires and those already at that position. The aim is simple to invest and gain profit.

Stock Marketing is one of the risky fields where you can earn money by making the right calculation. First invest, then make the judgment on profit or loss of a company, if your decision is correct, gain profit.

Introduce a foreign concept in the local market:

Now, this must be done intelligently. The biggest example of this in recent times is ride-hailing companies. In Pakistan, there was no such concept a couple of years ago. Today everyone knows about it, everyone is ready to invest in them and use them. It was a concept in the foreign region that has been adopted in Pakistan quite successfully. So if you want to become a billionaire in Pakistan, you can take inspiration from any foreign idea and implement it in Pakistan.

Chose the right person:

If you can’t become a billionaire, serve a billionaire or marry a billionaire. This might sound morally and ethically wrong but realistically it is one of the most used methods in Pakistan and all over the world to gain easy money.

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