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How to Avoid Traffic Jam during Pak-Sri Lanka Test Match


In this article, we will tell our readers how to avoid traffic jam during the Sri Lankan and Pakistan cricket match at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. The Pak Sri Lankan test match will take place from December 10th to December 15th.

Thus, in order to ensure that the public does not face any issues, the City Traffic Police has made an alternative traffic and security plan. The plan requires the deployment of over 230 wardens and 4,500 police personnel.

The Stadium Road also called the Double road will be closed to all the traffic for the duration of the match. It will be closed from the 9th Avenue Chowk to the Double Road turn to Murree Road on both sides.

The traffic that will come towards Islamabad from Rawalpindi needs to go via the Faizabad Expressway near the Expressway slip turn. Traffic can enter Rawalpindi via Dhoke Kala Khan, Khanna, and Koral.

The traffic from Rawalpindi going towards Islamabad will be diverted to the opposite side of the kidney center so that it goes back to Islamabad. Also, traffic from the I.J. Principal Road and 9th Avenue Chowk to Rawalpindi will be diverted to Pindora Chungi Katarian and Carriage Factory to enter Rawalpindi.

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Traffic that will be coming from Islamabad to Rawalpindi will go via the Expressway loop to Rawat, from where traffic can enter Rawalpindi through Dhoke Kala Khan, Khanna, and Koral.

Based on colored tickets, a parking plan for vehicles and bikes have also been made by the traffic police. The traffic plan will be distributed with the match tickets.

The vehicles having red stickers will park at the sports complex and arts council from the Double Road turn via using the one-way road from Murree Road and Faizabad through parade ground and the I-8 flyover.

The vehicles that will have green stickers coming from Chandni Chowk through Murree Road will park at the kidney center on 6th Road while the green stickers vehicles from Islamabad will be able to park at the poultry research institute and the directorate of public relations. Media vehicles with blue stickers will park at the poultry research institute.

For these five days from 10th to 15th December, I would suggest that leave home early to avoid getting stuck into traffic.

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