How Overseas Pakistanis can Donate Money for the Construction of Dams in Pakistan

Overseas Pakistanis can now donate money for the construction of dams in Pakistan. As per the recommendation by the State Bank of Pakistan, the overseas Pakistanis can use Xoom the money transfer service owned by PayPal. So now the overseas Pakistanis can donate for the CJ-PM Daimer Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund.

Xoom by PayPal has agreements with five banks in Pakistan. The banks are Bank Alfalah, MCB Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, and United Bank Limited.

Numerous overseas Pakistani have sent donations to Pakistan via credit and debit card but its receipts take a couple of days to get transferred to the State Bank. Thus now through Xoom money can be transferred within a day from different countries to the five above mentioned banks.

To transfer money through Xoom

Click on this link

We must also tell our readers that recently the Finance Minister of Pakistan Asad Umar said that there are chances that PayPal or PayPal similar money transfer digital service will launch in Pakistan.

As of yet, the contribution done by overseas Pakistanis for the dams is around Rs. 379 million and the contribution that is done by Pakistanis stand at Rs. 4.09 billion. Expatriates living in the USA have sent highest donation of Rs. 138 million followed by UAE and the UK of Rs.38.7 million and Rs. 36.8 million respectively. Countries from which least donations have been received are Brazil and Fiji. Surprisingly Rs. 36,065 donations were received from India.

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