How Much Netflix Costs: Netflix Prices And Packages In Pakistan

Netflix Prices Pakistan

Netflix is one of the largest streaming video services in the world the company based in California now covers almost every corner of the world with its online video streaming services. Netflix became more popular due to its original shows and movies, the company produces its own TV shows and Movies which provides a clear advantage over other streaming services.

The platform has a wide range of movies, TV shows, documentaries to watch, you use Netflix in Pakistan easily, there are mainly two options to buy Netflix Plans in Pakistan you can buy the service directly using debit/credit card or you can use PTCL customer account to buy one which will be billed in your PTCL bill.

Netflix Packages

Buy Directly

To buy the service directly you can simply visit the website and signup, after selecting the appropriate plan.   

Buy Via PTCL

If you are a PTCL customer and do not have a credit/debit card for payments, you can simply use PTCL to do the job for you. You can Sign up via PTCL and the bill will be adjusted in your PTCL monthly bill.

Netflix Plans And Price In Pakistan

Netflix offers quite competitive prices in Pakistan starting from Rs. 920 a month. Netflix has three main options to choose from, each has its own advantages listed below.

Netflix Basic Plan—Rs920 per month

The basic plan is for an individual person, you can only watch one screen at a time and the quality HD and Ultra HD are not available in the basic plan.

Netflix Standard Plan—Rs.1200 per month

The standard plan allows playing on two screens at the same time; this means two people can share this plan. The plan offers HD quality video as well but not Ultra HD quality.

Netflix Premium Plan—Rs.1500 per month

The Premium plan is the top tier plan Netflix offers in Pakistan, it costs Rs.1500 per month and offers all the Netflix features, you can use 4 screens at the same time, four people can share this Netflix account and watch movies, TV shows at the same time on 4 different devices. This package will let you use HD or Ultra HD quality as well.

About Netflix Packages You should choose the package that suits your needs, you can also cancel the plan anytime, and there are no obligations or cancelation charges. Netflix has recently been testing even cheaper service which might be launched in Pakistan. According to the latest report, Netflix might launch packages for mobile phones and tablets, the users would be able to use it on either the Mobile device or a tablet and not on any other devices, but the price would be likely to go down by 50% or even more as compared to the basic plan.

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