How FIFA 21 Has Changed From Its Predecessors?


FIFA games have been an ongoing franchise since 1993, and its success has grown ever since. A new version of the game was released every year, as a way to always keep the game up to date with everything going on with the soccer world, and to always bring up new features to the game, like new uniforms, celebrations, among others. And 2020 is no exception, as just as expected, EA released a new game.

Game On

Like in previous titles, players can select the team that they wish to play, and can fully customize it as they see fit. You can choose the best formation, and make substitutions of players either before, or as the match takes place. After purchasing a FIFA 21 key, you can experience smoother control precision, and that makes controlling the player to be more fluid while making the person controlling them feel more in control. But there are still even more features that set this game apart from previous titles. Now the new agile dribbling allows players to control the ball in a much more accurate way, and this feature can be done manually or automatically.

Now the man-to-man defense is something even more effective, the pushing and pulling mechanics make defending and stealing the ball from the opponent team be more gratifying than ever. You now have more control than ever of your whole team, not only the player you’re controlling but even the AI. With directed runs, you can now control the direction in which the AI will run, opening up new possibilities for you. Now you can even set a direction in which the AI will run after you pass the ball.

Another big new feature is now how different the AI will behave depending on their stats. Now an AI player with a high attack status will be able to position himself better, making him aware of when to run faster, and find an opening so that you can pass the ball to him. This was applied to every type of attribute of the game, and now it will impact how every AI acts, and the higher the overall status of the player, the more of a menace he will be on the field. This new feature was added so that players can take even more advantage of their team.

EA took a lot of feedback from players based on their experience with FIFA 20 and worked on polishing the game in every single aspect. Their overall objective was to give players even more control of their team.

What’s New

Now in career mode, there is an option for players whose focus is to mainly manage their team, and now with the interactive match simulation, players will be able to do just that. With this, you will be able to take a step back from the field, and watch matches unfold from a top-down view, and see the impact of your choices. Matches in this mode will be played at double speed, but if you want to take things into your own hands, you can freely choose to do so by changing into the traditional play style at any given time. When watching the match from the top-down view, it will still feature an audio commentary of the game.

There are now three choices that can be chosen, play a match where you play the traditional style, sim match, the one that was just described, and quick sim, a mode where you get to instantly jump to the final result of the match. FIFA 21 focuses on giving you full control of your team and players and gives you more options on how to manage them.

With Fut co-op, you can jump into certain types of matches online with your friends. Whoever is the leader of the lobby will be the captain, and will be the one that chooses which mode will be played. Face-off against other players in a competitive scenario, or play casual matches, it is up to you and your friends on what mode you play.

Play all of your favorite leagues, like the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Super Cup, and every one of them is accompanied by custom commentary that helps players feel more immersed when playing. There are all types of leagues around that world that you can choose to challenge and see if you’re skilled enough to come out as the winner in every one of them.

Jump into a five versus five matches with the volta squad mode, you can either join your friends, or play with other members of the community, and collect weekly rewards, and make your way up through the ranks. You can now face off against an all-star team in the unique volta featured battles, as you compete for points and rewards in this mode. Choose from twenty-six different unique locations, and select the stage where you will play your matches.


The competition between FIFA and PES has been going on for years, and although FIFA releases a new game every year, they always manage to implement new and interesting features, while polishing the base mechanics of the game even further. For fans of the sport, FIFA can deliver its players with all they wish for, by giving them countless options on how to play the game. Be it casually, competitive, or even as a manager, you are free to do whatever you want.

Nowadays there are not many other big soccer games that are as great as FIFA, and getting a new title every year helps the game keep up with the latest news, and helps them update every information about the teams while giving the game visible improvements. The fact that this game managed to still stay relevant after so many years just goes to show how big of a game it is, and how sports games can also be a huge success. You can buy and play FIFA on almost every console that is out there.

Rating – 8/10


  • Improved overall mechanics
  • Updated teams
  • Better visuals


  • Performance issues
  • Relies on micro-transactions