How Auto Dealer DMS Works

The glue that holds any business together is the software system that supports it. That has become a fact of the modern world. Auto dealership management is technically specific software that is different from other systems because of car sales, finance, repairs, and more. Auto dealer management systems, more commonly known as DMS, are vital for dealerships, and therefore understanding how DMS works make selecting the right one for your company much more straightforward.

Internal Issues

First and foremost, it makes all of your internal issues a lot easier to deal with. Each team member can receive a custom login that gives them access to complete their role successfully. Whether they are working in sales or back-office processing, they can streamline access to all of the system areas that they need and not see those they don’t. The whole package is secure with the latest security technology meaning that once someone leaves your employ, you deactivate their account, and they no longer have access to any of your software. This is also an advantage for your customers who will be storing sensitive information such as debit and credit card details with you as you can reassure them that they are entirely safe. Finally, you can run your payroll through a DMS system giving you everything under one roof.

Happier Customers

Customer relationship management software has become a staple of any business, which is naturally part of your DMS system. This makes recordkeeping much easier, dealing with every aspect of buying and selling cars and the ongoing services and repairs. Customers get frustrated if companies cannot correctly process what they need, and with a DMS system, you can provide top-rate customer service every time. 

Inventory Tracking

Tracking your inventory is vital, whether you are talking about the vehicles you have available or the parts you have in stock. It is even more imperative that you know exactly what is where you are working across more than one location at the click of a button. Your software can handle multiple inventories, so keeping your vehicles separate from your part is easy. In addition, they can be updated from every location, meaning that each staff member can easily see what is in stock and what might need to be ordered. This enables your servicing team to schedule repairs and also that high level of customer service you have been aiming for. It also means that staff will not be tied up phoning other offices to establish whether something is available because the system will know exactly where and when.

Service Scheduling

You also want to track when services are due and send out reminders accordingly without taking up vast amounts of staffing time. The scheduling modules available with a DMS system give you absolute freedom to set your time scales and automatically generate reminders that can be posted to customers. Furthermore, within the system, you will be able to quickly create the invoice that is required after the services are completed adding in any parts and labour, making financial transactions easy.

Management Reporting 

As a manager, you will know that a large chunk of time is used to report and predict sales and growth. It is also crucial that you spot any problems and down trending to take action to correct them. An automotive dealership software system enables customise reports to be created and run, as it stores all information giving you reliable data whenever you need it.

Financing and Pricing

If you offer financing and insurance deals, you will also have the capability of setting the system to deal with this issue for you. Thus, bringing all of your lines of business into one system. It can also store vehicle pricing information to ensure that your prices are competitive but on track. It also makes it easy to produce and print quotes for vehicles or services depending on the customer’s need.

Management systems are cloud-based, which means that the equipment needed on site is relatively low. They are accessed via secure Internet connections and can be used on desktop, laptop, mobile phones, and tablets, giving your staff ultimate freedom to work wherever they need to be. It means that you do not have to maintain and run servers to store data, and data is actually backed up off-site, which is highly recommended. Whenever the programme needs to be updated, this is also done by your management company remotely and not something you need to be involved in. You just come in the next day, log on as usual, and the updated software will be available. Finally, it means you can send sales staff out into the parking lots armed with a tablet that enables them to check up on any piece of information that the customer may question.