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How a car wash helper became the owner of the company

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) always welcome to the people who want to transform impossible thing to possible by using their skills. The dreams of millions of hopeful people came true in UAE.

One of the examples is Shajahan Abbas, who landed in UAE around 27 years back to change his life. Today, he has proved that the vision and hard work can help you to change your life according to your goals and bring a magical transformation into your life.

Shajahan Abbasi, a man who started his career as a helper in Car Wash Company is the owner of a big company.

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In March 1990, Shajahan landed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Kerala, a state in India, with a Diploma in Information Technology and Arabic language skills.

“While working as a helper in Car Wash Company I tried to get other better job for me but it didn’t work out. I realized that my diploma wasn’t very helpful in getting the job. I discussed the situation with my father and then we decided to set up an automatic Car Wash firm in the suburbs, and it was the first such establishment,” Shajahan said.

“I had invested all my savings into the newly established project but the risk paid off. I had faith in my abilities and had a clear vision. This is how Oasis Car Wash was launched. There was an opportunity to grow and our business succeeds,” he added.

His success in one business gave him the confidence to work in many other sectors. Today, Oasis Group has stakes in real estate and healthcare sectors. It also owns supermarket, salons and does charity work too.

“By listening to my story it seems very easy to start a business but there was a lot of hard work involved in achieving this. I have followed many role models initially, and I jumped into many boats at the same time and that was my fault. However, it was a great learning experience for me, in fact, I am learning news thing even today.”

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a hub of opportunities. “A man who came to UAE back in 1990 in search of a job is now the owner of the company in 2017. Is there any other country around the world which offers opportunities to the young talent and don’t ask anything in return?”