Hot, Humid Weather to Continue in Karachi

humid weather

The met office has forecasted that hot and humid weather is to continue in Karachi on Wednesday, as per the local media reports.

The weather would remain cloudy partly in the city and the wind speed would remain 7 nautical miles per hour. The maximum temperature is likely to increase to 36°Celsius, as per the weather forecast.

In the last week, the temperatures rose up to more than 40°Celsius in the city of lights.

Owing to the highest ratio of the humidity in the air the “feels like” temperature was at 47-50°Celsius.

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The weather report said that seasonal low currently lies over northeast Baluchistan with its upper trough spreading northeast and a westerly wave is affecting on the upper and central areas of the country.

The weather is expected to remain hot and dry in most parts of the country today. It is expected that rain with gusty winds to flow in cities including Lahore, D.G. Khan, Kashmir, Sargodha, Multan, Gujranwala, Hazara, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Zhob, D.I. Khan divisions and Bahawalpur.

As per the Meteorological Department, the highest temperatures recorded yesterday were in Lasbella 44°Celsius, Turbat 49°Celsius and Dadu 43°Celsius.

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