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Hookah Smoking and the Science Against its Use Gaining Steam

Hookah or Sheesha could be addictive and is not much good for health than cigarettes. However, as per a new study, the prevalence of hookah-smoking among young people in the United States is increasing all the same.

The most recent research published in the journal Tobacco Control, postulates that account for more than half of tobacco smoke is consumed by the young folks in United States. Researchers did acknowledge the fact that the intake of hookah smoke is far lesser in terms of regularity than cigarettes, the number and level of toxins they bring in for the body could even be worse than that by cigarettes.

For conducting the study, a team of scientists headed by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine relied on the self-reported data from three thousand two hundred and fifty-four people aged between 18 and 30 years during the span of March and April 2013. Everyone included in the study lived in the United States and the participants were chosen randomly. Women made sixty-three percent of the group.

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Participants were asked to fill out an online survey form in which they had to provide details regarding their use of tobacco during the last month. Nearly five percent of them reported that they had consumed hookah compared with twenty-three percent for cigarettes. However, the hookah consumption was less, it accounted for more than half of the smoke inhalation. It also accounted for sizable toxins that were inhaled which includes—ten percent of carbon monoxide, twenty-one percent of tar and two percent of nicotine.

A single cigarette generally includes taking in like a dozen or so puffs, where each consisting of nearly fifty millimetres of smoke. Whereas, a hookah session takes about forty-five minutes to an hour and could involve as many as hundred puffs at five hundred millimetres of smoke each.

The researchers mentioned that more studies are required for creating an understanding of hookah’s impact but indicated that there is enough proof that suggests that the government should work to lessen the amount of tobacco consumption in the country—hookah included.

The US Food and Drug Administration has the power to regulate the hookah, but apparently, there are no plans in the works at the agency for bringing down flavoured smoking activities or alternatives. In Canada, some provincial health authorities have planned to ban flavoured tobacco products for cigars and cigarettes, but they also have not targeted hookah particularly.

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