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Honey Festival Started in Mahail in the Southern KSA

Last Wednesday the first ever honey festival began in the province of Mahail. In the festival around twenty-two, bee breeders and honey manufacturers from within and outside the province participated.

Ali bin Saman—the supervisor of the festival said that the honey market in Mahail is used for selling a larger quantity of honey every year. This was one big reason that encouraged the authorities to introduce the honey festival. He added that from the start of the festival many purchases were made by the visitors.

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He informed that there is a quality control committee who checks and ensures the honey quality and standards on regular basis. Each kind of honey is assessed under these quality checks on a daily basis and visitors are also asked to give their remarks on the quality of the available products.

He mentioned that an entire hall was prepared to adjust more than twenty-two exhibitors along with a space set up for public auctions and other corners for the products of the government agencies which includes the branch Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and bee breeders in Abha.

According to Saman the visitors were happy and pleased with the offered prices and said that the prices were reasonable and affordable as compare to other markets.

He said that the products displayed are of this season and are of good taste and value.

He told that the demand for certain types of honey surpassed in comparison to others like the demand for Sidra, Dhahayyan, Majari and Samrah were high. One kilo of them ranging between SR400-SR1000 ($106-$266).

Visitors said that the honey type Sidra and Majari are the ones most in demand.

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