Honda To Release Honda CG125 2018 Bike In Pakistan

Honda CG125 2018, is a bike Pakistani’s are eagerly waiting for. Honda is a renowned Japanese company in Pakistan. The company holds almost 40% share within the bike sector of Pakistan.  The new Honda bike yet to be released in Pakistan looks modern, stylish and powerful. The price of the bike is expected to be around Rs 105000.

Coming to the features of the bike, the engine is developed by most recent EURO II technology which enables the bike to cover more distance efficiently. The silencer alteration in the bike gives it a modern touch. Also with this bike, users won’t have to worry about refueling all the time as it has capacity of 12 liters of fuel. Other than this the bike has front and back lights along with creative graphic stickers. As told earlier the engine of the bike is innovative and it is fuel efficient. The price is competitive as compared to similar bikes in Pakistan. The competition of Honda CG125 2018 is with Yamaha YBR 125 2017. The colors Honda CG125 2018, is coming in are red and black.

People really want to know when the bike is launching, well that is not yet confirmed. We can only say that it will launch early in 2018. Another point worth mentioning is that the bike will come with one year warranty. So whatever happens within that year is the responsibility of the company. This point would appeal more customers to buy the bike. The quality, performance, speed, price and now warranty make the bike a complete package for customers.

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