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Honda Pakistan Introduced a New Colour for Honda Civic 2018

Honda Pakistan has introduced a new colour for its Civic 2018. The pictures of the Civic 2018 have been leaked and are available online. Honda Atlas would soon be updating their website with the details of the new colour. There is presently no information regarding the name or availability of the new colour.

There are chances that the Honda Civic 2018 would be available in more colour variants as well.

The turbo variant Honda Civic did not go well with the Pakistani fuel and their supply had to be suspended for some time.

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These days companies spend a lot on the naming of colours of their products. May it be the mobile phone firms like Samsung or Huawei or the automobile firms, all have got some weird kind of names of the colours of their products.

Samsung S8 is available in orchid grey, arctic silver and midnight black colours. Similarly, Toyota has colour names like Phantom Brow, Attitude Black and Dorado Gold. Honda itself is presently selling its products in colours like Carnelian Red, Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic and Lunar Silver Metallic.

There is a strong probability that the newly introduced colour by Honda for Honda Civic 2018 is also going to be called something showy like the rest of the colour names.

No matter the colours introduced these days people usually go for automobiles that have got good mileage and consumes less fuel. Companies strive and try to bring out unique names for the colours they introduce but the sad reality is that most people never refer to these colour by their company introduced names rather they are pointed out by some names that are allocated by people.

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