Honda Pakistan Increases its Car Prices

Toyota, Pak Suzuki, and FAW increased the prices of its vehicles and now Honda has joined them finally. Honda Pakistan has now revised/increased the prices of its vehicles. The prices have been increased up to PKR 1,000,000. The cause of this increase is the devaluation of Rupee against the dollar.

 Increased prices of Honda Cars are:

Honda City 1.3L MT

  • Old Price: PKR 1,54,000
  • New Price: 1,599,000


Honda City 1.3L PT

  • Old Price: PKR 1,689,000
  • New Price: PKR 1,739,000


City 1.5L MT

  • Old Price: PKR 1,599,000
  • New Price: PKR 1,659,000


City 1.5L PT

  • Old Price: PKR 1,739,000
  • New Price: PKR 1,799,000


Aspire 1.5L MT

  • Old Price: PKR 1,729,000
  • New price: PKR 1,789,000


Aspire 1.5L PT

  • Old Price: PKR 1,869,000
  • New Price: PKR 1,929,000


Honda Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVT

  • Old Price: 2,349,000
  • New Price: 2,399,000


Honda Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT

  • Old Price: PKR 2,499,000
  • New Price: PKR 2,549,000


Honda Accord VTi 2.4

  • Old Price: 11,250,000
  • New Price: 12,250,000



  • Old Price: PKR 3,699,000
  • New Price: PKR 4,199,000


Honda CR-V Base Grade 2.4

  • Old Price: PKR 8,200,000
  • New Price: PKR 8,900,000


While increasing the prices of the majority of its cars, Honda has yet not increased prices of Turbo Civic and BR-V. Also, Honda revised the prices of its bikes as well by PKR 1000.

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Also, it is expected that this year Honda will launch three cars that are Honda Civic Turbo, Honda City, and a 1200cc Honda Brio

Recently, Pak Suzuki increased prices of Mehran VX from 6.79 lac to 6.89 lac, Mehran VXR from 7.32 lac to 7.42 lac, Bolan from 7.54 lac to 7.64 lac, Ravi from 6.72 lac to 7.06 lac, Bolan Cargo from 7.20 lac to 7.30 lac, WagonR VXR from 10.54 lac to 10.74 lac, and WagonR VXL from 10.94 lac to 11. 14 lac.

Indus Motors Company (IMC) has also changed prices of the 1.3 and 1.6 liters Toyota Corolla variants. Moreover, FAW revised prices of FAW V2, X-PV Standard, X-PV Dual AC, Carrier Deckless, Carrier Flatbed, and Carrier Standard.

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