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Honda Issue Complaint Against Shell, Total & PSO

A complaint has been filed by Honda Atlas Cars against fuel suppliers which include Shell, Total and PSO. The complaint says that these fuel companies add manganese to their gasoline. This is damaging Honda engines.

OGRA, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has decided to investigate this complaint.

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When manganese is added to fuel, it seems that fuel quality get high but in reality, it reduces fuel economy and harm health of users due to its dangerous emissions.

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As per Honda Pakistan, fuel suppliers have used manganese to increase Research Octane Number (RON) “used to grade petroleum and lower quality fuel up to the RON 92 grade required by regulatory standards.”

Ogra spokesman Imran Ghaznavi said, “We have received a complaint from Honda, and the relevant department will look into the issue.”

Honda said that tests found a dangerous amount of manganese in fuel samples from biggest fuel companies including Shell Pakistan Ltd, Total Parco Pakistan Ltd, and Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd.

Manganese is considered dangerous at 24 mg/kg while tests showed that manganese found in fuel samples was 53 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg). No officials from the companies blamed for it has yet responded.

Ilyas Fazil, head of Pakistan’s Oil Companies Advisory Council, said: “Other refineries are producing 90 RON, which is slightly lower than 92…pure 92 RON that is imported.”

Between 2015 and 2017 Pak petroleum sales have gone up 10pc.

“Now that Honda has formally complained they may also follow suit.” an official confirmed.