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Honda City & Civic have beaten Toyota Corolla for the first time in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla is the most popular locally assembled car in Pakistan. In terms of sales, Corolla overtook Suzuki Mehran in 2009. Since then, till now, Toyota Corolla is the highest selling car in the country. In the sales chart each month, Toyota Corolla reached new unbreakable heights.

On the other hand, Honda car sales never reached a point where they could give a competition to Corolla. In 2015 Honda started displaying a combined sales record for both its cars Civic and City. However, the combined sales were also less than half the total sales of Toyota Corolla.

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For the first time in March 2018, the combined sales of Civic and City are more than the sales of Toyota Corolla. Though the lead is very small, it is a start for Honda. In March 2018 Honda sold 4,665 units of Civic & City combined while Toyota was able to sell 4,642 units of Corolla. Thus Honda has beaten Toyota for the very first time.

How Honda Civic & City sales surpassed the sales of Toyota Corolla?

Since Honda launched the 10th Generation Civic, the sales of Honda have gone up. In 2017 Honda yearly sales reached all-time record high since its inception in 1994. Honda sold 47,424 units in 2017 compared to 31,780 units in 2016.showing a record increase of 49%.

The reason for an increase in Honda’s sale is because of its new Civic car. In just a year’s time, Honda sold 20,400 units of Civic.

Furthermore, the fact that Indus Motors (IMC) canceled around 1,500 bookings of its cars is also a reason for the decline in its sales.