Honda CG125 2018 New Sticker Change

Atlas Honda is going to release its most favorite Honda CG125 2018 model in Pakistan soon, as the motorcycle market is inflating and sales are on the surge in Pakistan, Honda seems to keep changing its articles in order to keep users interest intact. However, there are not any major changes in the make while only focusing on Sticker color and design change.

Its Honda’s legacy to keep pushing the creative sticker design which none of the other brands can compete. Honda’s stickers are admired among the riders even if they ride other brands and makes.

Pakistan is witnessing a speedy growth in motorcycle market; two major bike makers have broken all previous production records in August last month, the market and sales will continue to expand over the next few years.

Growth in the bike market is directly connected to demand but also correlated with some key elements such as; increase in population, increase in daily travel needs, increasing prices of cars, increase in youth population and increase in congestion.

Increase in congested urban areas has elevated the use of bike rides significantly over the past five years.


The bike comes in two color variants Red and Black, the sticker on Red color is mainly of Navy Blue, Sky Blue, and Yellow color while the sticker on Black color variant has Royal Blue, Orange, and White as main colors.


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