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Honda Car Prices Increased in Pakistan

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Pak Suzuki and Honda Atlas have given the best New Year gift to Pakistanis. Yes, as we have welcome New Year, both these automakers have raised their vehicle prices. In an earlier article we informed our readers about the new prices of Suzuki vehicles and in this article we will talk about the raised prices of Honda vehicles.

It is reported that Honda has increased its car prices in Pakistan due to the rupee devaluation against the dollar. The price of 1300cc Honda vehicles has been increased by PKR 125,000 while the prices of 1800cc Honda vehicles have been raised by PKR 225,000. The smaller Honda vehicles prices have been increased by PKR 1 lac.

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The leading automakers in Pakistan, Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda increased their car prices in 2018 from 3 to 5 times.

Mainly the reason revealed for the increase in car prices was the depreciation of rupee against the dollar. Reportedly the company has said that due to the increase in import of raw materials and other goods, it is compelled to raise the car prices.

It is pertinent to mention here that those who have booked their cars from Honda, would have to pay the raised amount. So yes, Happy New Year!