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Honda: Automotive Giant’s Global Operations Halted by Ransomware Attack

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Honda has confirmed a cyberattack that has halted parts of its global operations.

The company said Tuesday in a brief statement that the attack caused production problems outside their Japan headquarters. “Work is undertaken to reduce the effects of growth, distribution, and development activities and to restore full functionality,” according to the BBC.

It follows a company tweet, now pinned to the top of its Twitter feed, stating its customer service and financial services are “not available” because of the attack. Honda is one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, employing more than 200,000 employees, with factories in the UK., North America, and Europe.

Details of the attack are slim but an earlier study indicates the probable culprit is Snake ransomware. Like other file encryption malware, Snake scrambles files and documents and keeps them hostage for a ransom which is expected to be paid in cryptocurrency. But Honda said there was no evidence to indicate that data was exfiltrated, a common technique used by ransomware in newer types.

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The firm said factories and plants affected are scheduled to be put back online as early as today. Brett Callow, a threat analyst at security firm Emsisoft, said a file encryption malware sample was uploaded to VirusTotal, a malware analysis service, referring to an internal subdomain of Honda,

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