Honda Accord wins Car of the Year Award 2018

The 2018 Honda Accord has beaten Toyota Camry and the Kia Stinger and won the North American Car of the Year (NACOTY) Award. Honda has won this award for the third year in a row, as in 2016 Honda Civic won car of the year and in 2017 Ridgeline won truck of the year award.

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Honda Accord has better cargo space, a comfortable interior, and new turbo engine replacing the old V-6. The car is much faster, reliable, luxurious and efficient than all previous Honda cars. Moreover, Honda Accord has a front mount intercooler

NACOTY Juror Chris Paukert said, “Honda seems to have executed some sort of magic trick—not only is this 10th-generation Accord far sleeker and more decisively styled than its predecessor, it’s somehow roomier inside, too. Even in low-end trims, it drives well and offers a strong amount of standard equipment.”

The cars that are completely new or considerably altered were eligible to win this award. The judgment criteria for the cars were innovation, design, safety, the satisfaction of the driver and dollar value.

Other than Honda Utility of the Year went to Volvo XC60 and Truck of the Year was awarded to Lincoln Navigator

Freelance auto writer Kirk Bell said, “Like the XC90, the XC60 offers Volvo’s distinct brand of luxury and it may even be more appealing than its bigger brother. The ride is exemplary, and when smartly equipped, it is a fine value.”

The New York Daily News’ Ron Sessions said, “With its design now aligned with the Continental, the Navigator becomes an even more important image — and the profit-maker for Lincoln.”

These awards are considered very important for the automakers as they are voted and judged by a panel of almost 60 journalists from the auto industry. These journalists belonged from USA and Canada. The awards help the auto companies streamline their future projects and successfully market their cars in the area.

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