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Home-made Meals Services—A Rising Trend in Islamabad

The increasing popularity of the home-made meals delivery service is getting good ground and profits in Islamabad via giving equal and respectable earning opportunities to everyone including men and women.

As per a report released by a private news channel, many people are worried and conscious about their health as well as about the quality of food they consume—hence they prefer to order home-cooked food.

The home-cooks said that the increase in demand for the home-cooked food is because of the reason that there is an increase in the number of employed professionals who do not have enough time to cook food by themselves at home, but they prefer home-cooked food over the restaurant meals.

One of the cooks—Hina Iman said that the other option to cooking at home these days includes dining out or food items delivery from restaurants, which are mostly unhealthy and costly depending on the items one orders.

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She added that many of her customers are working professional women and men who are bachelors and doing jobs in the federal capital.

Another home-cook—Aslam Yaseen said that most people prefer food with less oil and salt, so he tries meeting their needs.

He added that keeping a strict check on hygiene and the use of fresh ingredient and the use of just enough oil is what that makes the home-cooked food different from the restaurant food.

Ushna Ali—another home-cook said that she makes her own spices and feels that this marks her dishes to stand out and people come back for more.

Ushna added she makes the food with same love and care with which she cooks for her loved ones and does not at all compromise on the quality of food.

She said that she feels good when gets praised for her home-cooked meals.

Fatima Ali—a working woman said that the consumers of the home-cooked meals are deprived of time, but super cautious about keeping themselves fed during lunch times—which leaves them with the only option of ordering homemade food online.

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