Home Job vs Office Job in Pakistan

Home Job

Positive points of Home Job:

Transportation: The biggest advantage of doing a home job is that you don’t have to spend money on transportation. In Pakistan transportation is getting costly and the traffic jam on roads is getting worse. So the home job is easy and worth it.

Environment: Comfortable, ease, work without any tension. Many people in Pakistan and all over the world produce their best work when they have an easy environment around.

Timings: There are no set timings. It’s not 9-5 with1-hour break from 1 to 2. There is no schedule to follow which is good unless one take advantage of this routine.

Less health issues: When working from home, workers can manage work by taking proper breaks. Thus health issues are limited.

Negative points of Home Job:

Lazy: There is no routine, an employee can work at any time, push the work for tomorrow and get lazy.

Holidays: No offs, except the regular ones. If the whole Pakistani nation is getting an off due to any issue, those working from home rarely get an off.

No corporate environment: A person is unable to experience corporate work environment. You never learn what it’s like to work in a team to achieve a goal.

No social network: Lack of communication, ideas and inspiration as you work from home. Thus there is no social network of those working from home.

Lack of awareness: In Pakistan home job is still not recognized like office job. Many people don’t even know that you can earn from home and lack of awareness is one of its biggest disadvantage.

Office Job

Positive points of office job:

Discipline: Being on time, following a schedule having a balanced routine is healthy not just for productive work but for your own grooming. If discipline is followed in work environment, Pakistan as a nation will become more disciplined.

Social Environment: We learn from society. If we work alone it is just our own mind that’s working, but in a group a whole creative and dynamic environment develops. An office provides that opportunity.

Holidays: Roadblocks are common in Pakistan. If you work from office, you will most probably get an off but if you work from home there is no off if any such issue occurs.

Negative Points of Office Jobs:

Spent money on transport: There are many people in Pakistan who have their offices at long distances. They have to spent a huge part of their salary on the transport be it petrol for their own car or payment for taxis or Careem or Uber.

Office gossip or politics: Some people might find it an advantage but it’s not. If you work from home you need to tolerate office gossip and politics. Being a part of such things might be entertaining but at the end it effects your work.

Distractions: When you work in a community, there will be distractions. Unnecessary discussions, plans and break will just distract a dedicated person from his/her work.

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For some jobs working from home is possible while for others you just can’t work from home. For instance a doctor can’t give an advice to its patient from home. Inspection of the patient is important in medical field. On the other hand fields like content writing, graphic designing can be done from home if you know your craft.

At the end what matters is your personality. If you believe that you work better with others around then office job is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you feel that your best work comes in isolation, then work from home.


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