Holiday to be observed in Sindh on October 30th

Eid Holidays

The Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain will be observed on 20th of Safar according to Islamic calendar and on 30th October according to Gregorian calendar. Holiday will be observed in all schools and colleges in Sindh on the occasion of Hazrat Imam Hussain’s Chehlum.

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Moreover, mobile services will be closed in Karachi on Chehlum and pillion riding will be banned. A proposal has been given by Karachi police to suspend the cellular service and ban pillion riding in Karachi on 20th of Safar. The reason for banning pillion riding and suspended services is due to security issues. In order to control security issues, these measures are taken. On the occasion, the police and rangers have the duty to maintain peace.

Sindh police have to issue a notification in this regard and the timings for the suspension of mobile services has to be decided. Chances are that Sindh government might also take help from Pakistan Army to increase the security during Chehlum.

The Sindh government said, “In order for peaceful observance of the Chehlum’s processions and majalis, it was decided to seek to help hand from the federal institutions”

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