Holiday in Pakistan on Tuesday, 25th December 2018

Holiday will be observed in Pakistan on upcoming Tuesday, 25th December 2018.  In remembrance of the birthday of the Quaid, founder and first Governor General  of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, every year a holiday is observed on 25th December.

On 25th December 1876, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi. He studied in Bombay and London and later became a lawyer in Bombay. He joined the Muslim League which was formed to promote the rights of the Muslims. He became the President of Muslim League back in 1916. Initially, Jinnah was of the view that there is a possibility of Hindu, Muslim unity but when the relationship between both the communities strained, Jinnah fought for an independent Muslim State. He suggested a partition of the subcontinent in 1940 which later to led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947.

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In Pakistan, on 25th December wreaths are laid at mausoleum of Qaid. Special programmes are run about Jinnah on TV, radio and internet.

Other than the Quaid Day, on 25th December the Christians all over the globe celebrate Christman. In most countries, 25th December is a holiday as Christians celebrate the Nativity of Jesus.

In Pakistan, both occasions are celebrated on 25th December, Quaid birth and Christmas. Posters of Quaid, quotations, sayings are put from billboards to social media. Similarly, malls, roads, markets are lit with lights, Christmas tree, snow to celebrate Christmas.

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