HMC Peshawar Website is Hacked – Research Snipers

HMC Peshawar Website is Hacked

Hackers have spoiled and completely ruined the website of Hyatabad Medical Complex (HMC) in Peshawar. It is the top hospital in Peshawar and hackers have taken control over it.

Hackers wrote, “Just to let the world know, in the 21st century we hire the fake doctors, yes we exist. Running the mega scam all over media but still feel no shame.”

The hackers further said, “You feed the people with your lies that they are dumb enough to believe in you; pretend to be the state-of-the-art hospital yet you deal with lives of the poor in the worst way”.

“I will come for blood again. Pretend to secure yourself like you always do”.

Hackers asked the government to terminate the Deans, Head of human resource and director.

HMC is a medical complex and hospital which is situated in the suburb of Peshawar in Hayatabad Town. In the city, HMC is the second biggest hospital and a medical postgraduate training center.

The hackers called upon the government to terminate the services of deans, head of the human resource and director.

In the background, a music is going of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s quote, the lyrics are “Tabdeeli aa Nahin Rahi, Tabdeeli aa gai hai.

HMC Public Relation Officer Tauheed Zulfiqar denied this news stating, “It’s a fake website. Some elements have also been running fake social media accounts in the name of HCM. Our teams have been told to deal with the matter.”

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