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Hira Mani Shares her Thoughts on Instagram

Hira Mani

The famous actor Hira Mani has taken it to her social media handle on Instagram and shared her thoughts there. She wrote her thoughtful message for her followers in the form of a note and posted in on social media.

She wrote that it is easy to say things or make big claims however it is tough to apply them practically. She added that the ones who put into practice what they preach are the actual champions.

She further added that to have good morals and treating others with kindness could never be bought or sold with money.

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The Merey Paas Tum Ho star asked people to not just pray for themselves but for the success and well being of other people too. She wrote that when you pray for someone else Allah SWT rewards even more.

She has been sharing her pictures and selfies on social media for keeping her fans aware and entertained. Presently, the starlet is busy shooting for her drama serial.

On the other hand the famous TikTok star Areeka Haq would be featuring in the new music video of Asim Azhar. The video is expected to be released on July 2.

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