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Hindu Community of Pakistan Rejects Citizenship Offer of India

Hindu community of Pakistan

The Hindu community of Pakistan has rejected the citizenship offer of India made under the citizenship amendment law.

Raja Asar Manglani—the patron of the Hindu Council Pakistan told Anadolu Agency that this is a unanimous message from the complete Hindu community of Pakistan to the Indian PM—Narendra Modi.

He said that the law is breaking the constitution of India.

In the meantime, the Sikh leader—Gopal Singh has also mentioned that the complete Sikh community in the world, which includes India, also condemns the move.

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He asked the Modi government to not push the minorities against the wall.

Previously, Shah Mehmood Qureshi—the foreign Minister of Pakistan emphasized upon India to take back the discriminatory citizenship act.

While speaking to the journalists in the federal capital, the foreign minister said that Pakistan would continue raising its voice against this controversial act at all the forums. He said that the law is against the minorities especially against the Muslims.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi also mentioned that many organizations working for the freedom of religious rights have also shown their reservations against the Indian legislation.

As per the latest, India has introduced a new citizenship law which would compel millions of Muslims residing in India to leave, as said by PM Khan. He added that the present curfew in Indian-occupied Kashmir would be creating a refugee crisis that would be dwarfing the other crises.

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