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Hindu Auto-Rickshaw Driver gives Free Rides to Muslims Observing Fast

Prahalad is a Hindu autorickshaw driver who can be spotted in the midst of numerous auto-rickshaw riders packed outside the Green Park metro station in south Delhi, waiting for commuters. Prahalad is known as ‘Guru’ or ‘Mukhiya’, a person who sets an example for others. Recently Prahalad has set another example by offering free rides to Muslims who are observing fast in the month of Ramadan.

Prahalad said,  “I just thought that it’s been quite hot during these days and if I could be of any help to them I will also earn some blessings. This is all I can do because I earn my living by driving an auto-rickshaw. This is my contribution from whatever profits I earn.”

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Prahalad has worked as an autorickshaw driver for four years. It is the first time he has taken such an initiative in the month of Ramadan.

He said, “Everyone’s religion is the same. God is one. If people keep pointing to the difference in all of us, we should try to change it. More the better.”

Prahalad has given free rides to numerous Muslims till now. He asks his passengers if they are observing a fast or not. Adding,  “Once I refuse to take money from them, they say that they’ll pray for me. That brings peace to my heart.”

He has asked many of his fellow drivers to follow this initiative and try to promote peace in different communities in India.

He said, “I have suggested many other fellow drivers, including some Muslim drivers, to follow my initiative, so that it can become an example for everyone. I want more and more people to do this work. It will help in bringing us closer to each other and something good will come out of it.”