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Highlights Of KPK Budget 2017-2018

The budget of KPK that is more than Rs.600 billion was presented in the assembly. Let’s looks at some of its highlights.

11% budget allocated for health sector in KPK:

From Rs55 billion in last year, the health budget has been increased to Rs65.7 billion for fiscal year 2017-2018 in KPK. This makes 11% of total proposed budget of the province. Rs51.971billion is for health ministry and Rs13.78 billion is to be given to district health offices.

34.5% budget allocated for ADP:

Rs208 billion is allocated for Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the financial year 2017-18. This is 19% more than Rs505 billion allocated in the sector last year.

Raise by 15% on Education Budget in KPK:

Rs136 billion is allocated for education in KPK which has raised by 15 per cent from last year’s budget. Out of this Rs24 billion is the provincial share and Rs111 billion would be provided to local government for education institutes at district level.

Rs.50 billion for mass transit projects:

The government of KPK has allocated Rs.50 billion for mass transit projects in the province.

Raise in Salary and Pension of government employees:

The provincial government has announced raise in salaries and pension of government workers after merger of the 2010 ad hoc relief. From Rs 14,000 salaries have been increased to Rs 15,000 talking about the minimum wages increase.

KPK provision for artists:

For the artists, poet and writers community of the province Rs 30,000 monthly salary would be provided.

Establishment of college in fiscal year 2017-2018:

Ten post graduate colleges would be constructed in upcoming financial year. Also Peshawar Zoo and Arbab Niaz Cricket stadium is expected to complete by 2018.

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Other than the schemes like Seht Insaf Card scheme would continue in year 2017-2018. Also solarization of 400 mosques is included in the budget proposed by KPK.

The budget as claimed by the government of KPK would be tax free and would provide relief to the poor people of the province.