Highest Paid Jobs & Fields in Pakistan 2017-2018

Money doesn’t matter. Let’s be practical. It does matter and when choosing a career path, money plays a major role. If you are unable to earn from your profession, how can you survive? Even if a person believes in humanitarian work, they do need money for it. Your passion, your talent, and your skills are driven by money.

With this, we come to what are the highest paid jobs in Pakistan for the year 2017-2018

Aviation Manager

One of the highest paid jobs in Pakistan is of Aviation Manager. The person who ensures safety and navigation of the airlines.

Per month salary of aviation manager: Rs.150,000-575,000

Minimum Degree: BS-AM

Chartered Accountant

One of the best paying jobs in Pakistan in 2017

Hired on positions relating to financial affairs of a firm like Chief Accountant, Auditor, CFO, Financial Analyst

Per month Salary of Chartered Accountant: Rs.75,000 to 450,000

Min Degree: CA

IT/Software Engineer:

The emerging and growing sector of Pakistan. The demand in IT sector is huge.

Due to high demand, IT professionals are given excellent salary

Per month salary: Rs.50, 000 to 500,000

Min Degree: BS-SE/ BS-IT

Mechanical Engineer:

It is one of the best and highest paid profession

Per month salary: Rs.30,000-225,000

Min Degree: BS-ME

Marketing Manager:

A few years back, there was no concept of marketing. Today, it is one of the highest paid jobs worldwide.

Any organization today needs effective marketing, thus the manager are paid well for their work

Per month salary: Rs.30,000-200,000

Min Degree: BS-MS

HR Manager:

HR Manager is a great career path in Pakistan specially for Pakistani women.

Responsibilities are  hiring, training, career development, employee relations etc

Per month salary: Rs 35,000-150000

Min Degree: MHRM

Telecom Engineer:

Telecom sector in Pakistan is one of the fastest growing sectors today.

Per month salary: Rs.25,000-100,000

Min Degree: BS-TE

Creative Designing:

Creative designing include graphic designing, fashion designing, computer designing, logos etc.

Per month salary: Rs 15,000-80000

Min Degree: BS-GD

Highest Paid Fields in Pakistan 2017-2018:

There was a time when Doctors and Engineers were paid the most in Pakistan. It is still the case doctors and engineers are still paid well but other fields have emerged. We are living in the times of technology and media. A new innovative tech is introduced in the market and media reports about it. This is where we are moving. Therefore Media, Marketing, Technology and IT, for me these are the top 4 emerging fields in Pakistan.

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