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High-Speed Internet in Pakistan, need of the Hour


The internet is one of the important factors in our daily life. It has transformed the digital ecological network of Pakistan. With the passage of time, advancement in technology has changed the requirements of an individual.

A decade before, the internet seemed aligned to the people but now every internet user wants an undisruptive internet connection with high speed. In Pakistan, there are 44.61 million internet subscribers with a penetration rate of 22% in January 2019.

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A growth of 25.8% internet subscribers is observed from January 2018 to January 2019, a PTA report says. There is a huge gap in rural and urban areas because of inaccessibility or poor internet connection. People residing in rural areas are less prone to economic development which results in low work opportunities.

According to the Founder and CEO Isfandyar Shaheen of NetEquity, the organization is working to solve the problem. He gave hope of providing internet feasible to all. A two-day event was held at Pearl Continent, Karachi. In the event, startups were given the opportunity to directly interact with leading investors from around the world.

The event consisted of workshops, speaker sessions, moderation sessions, and question & answer sessions. Mr. Isfandyar further added; there is a difference between connectivity and coverage. By December 2018, 3.3 billion people were living in a mobile coverage area but were not online.

Contributors in resolving the problem are infrastructure, affordability, consumer readiness, and content. A single fiber strand has 10,000 times more capability than wireless equipment. High-speed internet is a need for today’s world in the rural and urban sectors. For making internet accessible, video streaming should be made affordable at 2% of individual income.

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