High Speed Advanced LTE packages by Wi-Tribe

Advanced LTE packages have finally been revealed by Wi-Tribe. The packages varying from a basic data limit of 50GB to an Elite package of 1TB are supported by 4.5G technology.

It has been quite some while that Wi-tribe has been working towards the inauguration of its advanced LTE services in Pakistan. Some of the trial tests performed initially proved that the newly introduced network infrastructure is capable of providing a speed of more than 200Mbps. Wi-tribe has announced four different categories of advanced LTE packages catering for the needs of all types of customers.

The packages, namely, Postpaid Starter, Postpaid INFINET, Elite, and Prepaid cover a data limit of 50GB as the lower limit to an enormous upper limit of 1TB. Details of all the four categories are specified in the following sections:

Postpaid Starter Package

This package covers the downloadable volume limit in the range of 50-90GB. This package is designed to address the masses who have a use limited to general browsing and internet surfing. A further breakdown of the offered package along with the corresponding rates is tabulated below.

Available VolumePrice
50 GB1,499 PKR
70 GB1,749 PKR
90 GB1,999 PKR

Postpaid INFINET Package

This package offers a maximum data volume limit of almost five times that of the starter package. Designed for the customers looking for larger amounts of data volume, the package covers a range from 120 to 500GB. Specifics of this package are enlisted herewith.

Available VolumePrice
120 GB2,249 PKR
150 GB2,499 PKR
250 GB2,849 PKR
500 GB3,599 PKR

Elite Package

This package provides the maximum data volume limit offered by Wi-tribe. Offering an enormous data limit of 1TB against a price of Rs. 5099 per month. The package is designed for user’s who tend to download large amounts of data from the internet and/or are very consistent in observing HD content.

Prepaid Packages

All the above-discussed packages fall under the category of postpaid meaning that the bill has to be paid at the end of the month. In case you run out of data an increased surcharge would be added to the final bill. In order to avoid such scenarios there are prepaid packages offered by Wi-Tribe the details of which are mentioned as follows:

Available VolumePrice
50 GB2,299 PKR
90 GB2,799 PKR

These packages are a short time offer and when the offer expires the data volume limit of both would be reduced to 35 GB and 60 GB respectively.

Activation Charges

The normal activation charges applied on both the post and prepaid packages is  Rs. 9,999. This amount defined as activation charges, have to be paid by all the users for the first time. However, Wi-tribe has introduced a limited time offer where the activation charges have been reduced to Rs.4,999 for postpaid and Rs.6999 for the prepaid packages. Currently, a time-limited first month free of cost service of advanced LTE technology is also available for the users.

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