Hidden Nightclubs/Bars in Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore

For the Muslims in Pakistan, alcohol is prohibited, even talking about it is not encouraged. The nightlife of Pakistani families is mostly surrounded by late night dining, walking, shopping or driving. But the truth is that many nightclubs, bars, operate in Pakistan, having both foreign and local customers.  They do not openly operate, most of them are hidden, underground and operate at night in darkness.


The known hotel in Islamabad, Marriott Hotel has a disco nightclub called “Rumors”. Most of the customers of ‘Rumors’ are rich foreigners.

There is a Bar Lounge in Pearl Continental Hotel in Rawalpindi. Popular hotels in Islamabad do have bar system including Serena Hotel, and Best Western.

Other than that many nightclubs are operating in Islamabad including Gentleman’s Club Islamabad in F-11, Music Dark World in F-7, U.N. Club in F-6 Islamabad, and Beathouse Café in F-7/1.

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The top hotels that have a bar system in Karachi include Avari Towers, Beach Luxury, Hilltop hotel, Mariott Hotel, Pearl Continental Hotel, Ramada Plaza and the Enterprise.

There are many Nightclubs and bars operating in Karachi, they are neither hidden nor do they have majority foreign customers. From Huqa Pani Café in Clifton to D.J Means Disk Jockey to Party Club Karachi in DHA to Playboy, Excelsior, Oasis, Samar, Club 007, the nightlife in Karachi appeals many.

Ole in Zamzama, Karachi has a non-alcoholic bar. The Elbow Room Lounge in Mumtaz Hussain Street serves cocktails to customers.


The top hotels in Lahore including the Pearl Continental Hotel and the Residency Hotel do have a bar. Coming to the independently operated nightclubs in Lahore there is a Dance Club in the city, Outer-Space Nightclub in Gulberg etc. Non-alcoholic beer is found in shape of brands including Murree Brewery, Budweiser, and Bavaria.

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