Here’s how you can download Reels from Public Instagram accounts

Short-form videos are trending these days. These can be found across different platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snack Video, YouTube, and others. A few years ago, Reels were introduced on Instagram. Some Reels grab the attention of users and they wish to download and save them for future purposes. Reels can be easily downloaded from Instagram accounts that are public, which is kind of concerning.

Surprisingly, anyone can download Reels from public accounts. It initially debuted in the US in June 2023 and now it is accessible to all users across the globe. The new feature was unveiled by Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri. Previously, third-party tools and web browser extensions were used to download Reels. As of now, the feature will be offered natively in the app.

For individuals who download these short videos, data security would be strengthened, but for those who posted the Reel in the first place, privacy concerns would arise. One thing to notice here is that the new feature is enabled by default on all public accounts. It can be deactivated while uploading the Reels.

How to deactivate the feature?

First, record and edit your reel. Then, select Next from the menu on the lower right corner of the phone screen. Select More Choices from the bottom. Then, select Advanced Settings by swiping down. Choose the option to allow people to download your reels by scrolling down. Now, if you want to prevent others from downloading your Reels, disable the toggle. Select if you want to turn on or off the option to download reels for every video you post, or only the one you’re presently working on. Now press the Share button at the bottom after tapping the back button in the upper left corner.

The feature is disabled by default for accounts that have an age cap (below 18 years). One thing to notice here is that the new feature is only available on new Reels. Your previous Reels won’t be downloadable from the Instagram app until you enable the option to make your entire profile public.

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