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Here is World’s First Country to Offer Free Public Transport

Luxembourg, this tiny nation has become the world’s first country to offer free public transport. The aim of this step is to facilitate salaried people and ensure that there is a reduction in traffic on roads.

Earlier, many cities did took this decision but as per the transport ministry, Luxembourg has become the first country to launch this project countrywide.

Mobility is considered “an important social measure” and it impacts 40% of the households who are expected to save around 100 euros per year. This move will help in cutting down traffic congestion.

Cars are the most used means of mobility as per the data as 47% are used for business travel and 71% are used for leisure. Luxembourg only has a population of 610,000. More than 200,000 people live in neighboring countries and most of them drive in for work which has led to traffic blockage.

The capital city of Luxembourg has invested heavily in public transport but people complain that it is still incomplete.

Blanche Weber, head of the Luxembourg Ecological Movement said, “There’s been an enormous delay to the development of public transport.”

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Minister for Transport Francois Bausch said, “Systematic and continuous investment is a sine qua non (essential) condition for promoting the attractiveness of public transport.”

In an earlier article, we informed our readers that an Air Urban Mobility (UAM), the government of New Zealand and Wisk has announced to set up a passenger transport trial of self-flying and all-electric air taxi, Cora in Canterbury.

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