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Here is the Most Popular Degree Subject in the UK Universities


The most popular degree subject in UK universities is business administration. It accounts for 342,970 student enrolments in the academic year 2017-18. Students choose to study business administration more than opting for Math, computer science, engineering, and technology combined.

Due to high undergraduate demand, growth in the management level apprenticeships and relaxation of visas for overseas students, students studying business will hit a new record in the UK in 2019.

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According to a survey published ahead of the annual conference of the association, fees from these courses will drive growth in revenue for UK business schools. It is expected to exceed £4bn this year.

According to Julia Clarke, pro-vice-chancellor at Manchester Metropolitan University and chair of the council at the CABS, business degree subjects are popular as they offer the best guarantee of post-study employment.

Clarke said, “Students understand the relevance in business degree subjects and their effect on future employment.”

As per Clarke, professional development is an essential part of any business degree. She said, “We listen to what they need, enabling us to reflect that through our curriculum.”

As the UK PM Boris Johnson recently reversed the student visa work rules for the non-European Union nationals, it will further help UK business schools revenue to rise in 2020.

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