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Here is the Best Airline for Families

jet blue

According to a new study by The Points Guy, JetBlue Airways has been ranked the best airline for families. At the number two spot stood Southwest Airlines. The worst ranking airline for families was Allegiant Airlines.

Director of Travel for The Points Guy Summer Hull said, “Many families, especially young families, have a lot of anxiety or even dread when it comes to flying. It can be hard to meet the needs of your kids while in a small tube flying miles above the sky without bringing the whole house with you, but while parents need to prepare for the flight, some airlines actually make the entire experience easier, from getting seats together to staying full and entertained throughout the flight.”

The factors upon which the airlines were evaluated were traveling with children, offering complimentary seat assignments, on-time arrivals, early boarding procedures, comfort and size of the seat, meals for kids, entertainment, additional fees, and different provisions for unaccompanied minors.

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The top 10 airlines for families as per the study were JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Allegiant Air.

Hull added, “We’d love for this report to not only be viewed as a guide for families looking to choose which airline to book on their next vacation, but also for airlines to see how they could improve the experience for those who fly with kids. That’s why we list not only strengths and some areas of improvement but also a wish list of changes — some that carry with them very little cost.”

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