Here is the Average Pakistani Dinner Menu

A research was done by Gilani Research Foundation in which the average dinner menu of Pakistanis was revealed. A survey was done by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan which disclosed that 6 in 10 Pakistanis do eat a roti at dinner time every day.

From all over Pakistan men and women were asked “What is eaten in your household for dinner as a matter of routine?”

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56% responded by saying ‘Roti’

22% responded and said ‘Rice’

19% responded and said ‘Both Roti and Rice’

3% didn’t know or did not respond to the question

So it is clear that average dinner menu of Pakistanis must have ‘Roti’. Rice is also preferred and some Pakistanis eat both roti and rice.

In Pakistan, dining out is still a luxury and a rare activity among families. Food, in most of the days is cooked at home and generally Pakistanis prefer to have proper Desi food. Also dinner time is probably the only time when in most families all family members get together and eat. It is also the time when important discussions are done and thus dinner in Pakistan has a homely eastern vibe attached to it.

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