Here is a List of Famous Celebrities who Left Showbiz Industry

Many celebrities have left showbiz. Few of them for Islam and others for their personal reasons. In this article, we will share with our readers 5 artists who left the Pakistani showbiz industry.

Feroze Khan

Recently one of the best actors in Pakistan, Feroze Khan left the showbiz industry. In a tweet, he stated, “my fans have been waiting for a statement from me. I announce that I quit the showbiz industry and will only act and provide my services for the teaching of Islam through this platform if needed else anything but this InshAllah, Request you all to pray for me and my loved ones.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi, the heartthrob of many announced his decision to quit acting back in November 2019. He said that he wants to spend his life spreading the message of Islam. However recently to a tweet, he replied and said, “As I said in my video, I haven’t quit acting bcz I don’t see it any where in Islam as being haraam in itself. I just took a long break from acting to give more time to religion & Insha Allah will make & maybe act in projects made within boundaries Allah has set for us.”

Rabi Pirzada

Renowned singer Rabi Pirzada announced that she is quitting showbiz via a tweet. She tweeted, “I, Rabi Pirzada am quitting showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins. And soften the hearts of people in my favor.”

Badar Khalil

Badar Khalil, a veteran Pakistani actor left the showbiz industry five years back after feeling dejection from the TV channel owners. She said, “I feel that I am quite disposable and no longer wanted in the industry! Over the years, my crew and most costars have been good to me, but I feel that channel owners and owners of production houses don’t treat seniors like they should. Their attitude is like, ‘Bader Khalil? Put her name in and remove it after a few days’. My name doesn’t always appear in credits; even if I’m doing a strong antagonist or support role, my scene never makes it to the stills or promos. I don’t watch my plays regularly but if I do get a chance, sometimes I wonder why there were so many long shots and why some scenes never appeared on air.”

Shazia Khushk

Well-known and loved folk singer Shazia Khushk left showbiz due to personal reasons. She is famous for singing in different styles and giving energetic performances.

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