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Here are the World’s Top-Ranked Countries for Expats

In this article, we will tell our readers about the World’s Top Ranked countries for expats. Switzerland is the world’s top-ranked destination for expats, knocking Singapore out of the top spot.

Switzerland is the country home to a few leading private banks, commodity traders and pharmaceuticals companies. According to a study by HSBC Holdings Plc., Switzerland jumped from number 8 last year.

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The average Swiss salary ($111,587) is 47% more than the mean pay package ($75,966) across 33 nations, according to the survey by HSBC in the 12th edition of their annual expat country ranking.

Switzerland has the world’s iconic ski resorts from Zermatt and Verbier to St. Moritz. But it is not the place known for a sense of fulfillment or making friends as it ranked 31st and 24th in these two departments. But the country is considered one of the best places to raise children and make a long-term home.

Jean-Francois Bunlon, market head for HSBC Private Banking in Switzerland said, “The research confirms what we hear from clients, many of whom move to Switzerland for its high quality of life, good business prospects, and economic and political stability.”

After topping the ranking chart for the past four years, this time Singapore was ranked second among world’s top-ranked countries for expats followed by Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Germany, UAE, and Vietnam respectively.