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Here are the Rainiest Cities in the World

In this article, we will tell our readers about the rainiest cities in the world. A World Bank data map reveals that the rainiest countries in the world are centered around the equator. The top of South America, central and west Africa, islands of south-east Asia do receive a lot of rain, but the World Bank data does not specify the cities.

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Now the highest recorded rainfall is in remote places. Two small towns in north-east India Mawsynram and nearby Cherrapunji compete for the title of “wettest place on Earth”.  The average yearly rainfall in Mawsynram is 11,871mm. It is 10 times more than Indian national average rainfall of 1,083mm.

The four megacities that witness heavy rainfall are Mumbai with an average annual rainfall of 2,386mm, Singapore with 2378mm rainfall, Manila with rainfall of 2047mm, and Jakarta with rainfall of 1855mm.

According to the Liberian Hydrological Services, in Africa the annual precipitation in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia can be more than 5000mm. It is called the “wettest capital city”.

Hawaii’s largest city Hilo is considered the rainiest city in the US that has 3,459mm rainfall per year.

Quibdo is considered the rainiest city in the world that has an average rainfall of 7,328mm annually. Academic Edwar Calderón said, “In Quibdó people live from rainwater.

About 85% of the population drink water collected in containers on their rooftops. People with money can afford to buy bottles of water, but most of the population is poor so they collect and then boil the rainwater. It is an essential part of life.”