Herbalists Say Drinking Water from Clay Glasses Could Cure Diabetes

clay glasses

As per herbalists, drinking water from clay glasses could actually help in curing diabetes.

It seems that the years old tradition of storing water in a clay pot has many health benefits.

It is said by the herbalists that drinking water from earthen utensils could cure diabetes and could also prove beneficial in the case of ureteral obstructions.

Shah Nazir—the Herbalist said that people should soak herbs in clay pots completely filled with water.

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He further informed that the consumption on a daily basis for a month of one tablespoon of wormwood and one tablespoon of wild indigo soaked in one glass of water poured in a clay bowl would prove beneficial for one’s health.

He also said that cooking in clay utensils is good from the health perspectives. He added that the utensils made out of clay maintain the nutritional value of clay and reduces bacteria.

He further informed that the use of clay utensils would also improve the overall taste of one’s food and would also prove beneficial in improving health.

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