Helmet with smart lights can keep your bicycle ride safe – Research Snipers

Helmet with smart lights can keep your bicycle ride safe

Riding a bicycle in busy metropolitan areas or at night can be more dangerous than the normal situation. To keep people secure while cycling, a startup called Cosmo Connected is planning to launch a helmet which contains smart lights on the back side.

Eight LEDs including four red and four yellow are installed in an oval shape. By default, the lights are set to an “always on” mode so that other people can easily recognize you in the dark. An accelerometer installed inside the helmet will track you when you use brakes it warns your fellow cyclists, other drivers, and pedestrians with more useful light indications.

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Cosmo’s bike light can be operated through an app installed on your phone. You can easily turn on flashing “emergency alert” or indicate others while taking turn to right or left by just tapping on the mobile’s screen while using app. You can also control lights by just pressing the buttons on the optional, handlebar-mounted remote control.

You can also enter your journey information into the app, which will automatically turns on the turn signals with the help of GPS tracking. The Cosmo’s smart bike light will launch in September. You can easily buy the bike light for just $60.