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HEC Wants to Introduce Random Drug Testing in Pakistani Universities

Random Drug Testing

HEC wants to introduce random drug testing in Pakistani universities.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has asked the federal government to form a policy and allot funds to control the use of drugs, so it is highly possible that the university students might get tested for drugs on campus.

During a meeting of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Science and Technology on Thursday, it was indicated that more than 76 million Pakistanis are addicted to the usage of drugs. Out of these students are mostly the ones who belong to the university students.

Mushtaq Ghani the chairman of the committee said that the university students are getting addicted at an increasing rate towards the use of harmful drugs. He added that the government should draft a policy to stop this.

The HEC informed the committee regarding issuing of the guidelines for the random drug testing that would make the campuses both drug and smoke-free.

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As per the HEC official, a policy would be formed for initiating the random drug testing for which more human resources, as well as testing labs, would be required.

With the present resources, these screening tests could not be conducted at all the universities.

The committee has hence, asked the government to issue Rs.21 billion for the Higher Education Commission.

The education committee gave assurance to the standing committee that conducting these test, making use of peer pressure, making agreements with the NGOs and contacting out to the root of drug trafficking would be pulling the drugs out from their roots.

The decision of calling the Anti-Narcotics force was also taken for the next meeting session for providing insights on the matter.

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