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HEC University Rankings Procedure Suspended

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has made the announcement that it will not rank universities anymore as many have raised questions on the credibility of the whole procedure used to rank the Pakistani universities.

Chairman HEC Dr. Tariq Banuri said that ranking of the universities is not the duty of a regulator thus the commission has suspended university rankings.

He was concerned about the budget allocated to the HEC, which has been cut by 20%. HEC demanded Rs 82 billion budget but was allocated Rs 65 billion. Dr. Banuri said that Pakistan is already allocating the lowest GDP in higher education which is only 0.25%.

Dr. Banuri said that many other stakeholders are also concerned about the education quality in Pakistan, which is continuously on a decline. HEC Chairman admitted that many of the faults were on his end as there are different low-quality programs offered on HEC’s website. He said that HEC has decided to go through all the programs offered by the universities and put an end to the substandard ones. He added that the Commission will now adopt a strict policy against those involved in plagiarism.

Banuri believes that technology can be used in the right way to improve the governance system in the universities. He said that he by the end of his tenure he was would try and give complete autonomy to at least 10 Pakistani universities.

Dr. Banuri was concerned about students rights and measure that need to be taken to improve the education quality, research, facilities for the students, and imparting the knowledge to the next generation. He said, “It must be ensured that students are not cheated or defrauded in any way.”

Furthermore, the educational institutions that are issuing fake degrees to the students are also negatively affecting the future of the students. “Exploiting education invites strong regulatory action,” Banuri concluded.

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