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HEC to Strengthen Friendly Relations with Mauritius

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) would be doing its maximum for strengthening its relations with Mauritius via increased academic ties. Mr Tariq Banuri—the chairman of HEC mentioned this while talking to the High Commissioner of Mauritius—Mr Soobadar Rashidally. The Mauritius high commissioner visited on Thursday as informed by the press release.

Mr Rashidally recognised Higher Education Commission’s advise in the making of HEC—Mauritius which would be functional by 2019. He added that HEC—Mauritius has been established on the framework of HEC—Pakistan.

Mauritius is an island State and really beautiful. It is among the destinations that are most loved and selected by the couples for destination weddings. It has got a hundred per cent literacy rate in its fifty years of independence. Mr Rashidally informed that Mauritius provides free of cost education at all levels from primary level to the university education. It spends eight to ten per cent of GDP on education.

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He also informed that the island state is also a member of the Middle-Income Club. He showed his wish for expanding its collaboration with the Higher Education Commission and to find more support in the areas of medical postgraduate studies and Information Technology.

Dr Tariq Banuri told the Higher Commissioner that HEC—Pakistan is providing funds to the centres of excellence in advanced technologies and these centres further give support to the partnering nations.

He added that HEC would support the postgraduate studies for medical students. He also informed that Pakistan has got expertise in Marine sciences which could be of advantage to Mauritius, keeping in mind its focus on Blue Economy. He stated that HEC is looking forward for building a strong alliance and to sharing expertise after the HEC—Mauritius gets operational.

Mr Rashidally expressed his regards and applauded HEC—Pakistan and said that Mauritius is looking forward towards the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan’s assistance in strengthening its tertiary education framework.

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