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HEC to Inspect the Quality of Online Classes in Universities amid Coronavirus Outbreak


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has asked for detailed info on the online courses offered in universities to inspect the content, delivery and connectivity quality. HEC has taken this step in response to complaints regarding online classes in some of the universities amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The HEC Chairman Tariq Banuri stated this. He said that if a university is unable to deliver good quality online lectures, it will be directed to halt the lectures until the said conditions are met.

The developing situation of coronavirus is being monitored by HEC. It is in contact with the university leadership to find the areas where support will be needed to control academic disruption. For various scenarios, contingency plans have been drawn.

If the present restrictions on movement are extended from 31st May, all universities will have to shift to online education. Presently HEC has given permission to the digitally advanced universities to start offering online courses as soon as they are ready. But clear-cut instructions are given that the education quality must not be compromised. If any university requires time to develop its learning management system, they have time till 31st May.

HEC has been working with different universities to control the impact of the lockdown of universities on academic activities. Three specialized committees have been established to help in the arrangement of IT facilities, software, tech support, and curate substantive online content.

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Also, all the public sector universities have been provided free access to Microsoft Teams in order to facilitate online meetings and discussions.

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