HEC Says No Decision Have Been Made To Open Universities On July 15


There have been rumors on social media and WhatsApp group about HEC has made a decision about opening universities across the country on July 15, however, HEC has mentioned it in a statement on its official Twitter saying that no decision has been made regarding opening universities on July 15 but the authority will hold a meeting next week to make a decision about opening universities.

HEC said, “BEWARE OF FAKE ANNOUNCEMENTS Still no decision has been taken to reopen universities.”

It further said, “Different announcements about opening of universities are circulating on social media, All of these are fake. The government will hold a meeting next week to discuss reopening of the universities, therefore, no decision has been taken and no directions have been given to the universities.

Instead of believing in fake news, please visit HEC website, and authentic social media pages for correct information.

Earlier it was reported that HEC has announced a schedule to open the universities on July 15 based on the news from social media and some local news channels, however, HEC has denied that news being authentic and didn’t announce any schedule as yet. However, it was reported two weeks ago that the government and HEC are thinking about reopening universities from July 15, the decision is still pending until next week’s meeting.

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